Let’s get started with Digital Marketing

Let’s get started with Digital Marketing

Do you want to create a Brand? Just take a look at various modes you use for promotion of your Brand/Services, You may use- Newspaper Ads, Flyers, Hoardings, Electronic Media, Radio etc. These are the most common ways people use for marketing. But do you seriously know up to How many people you will reach? Will these channels give you return on investment? How much growth in sales you will make after such investments? Many questions like this may arise in your minds before getting started with these traditional ways nowadays.

On similar lines, Digital Marketing is evolving as a New Brand Building techniques to create awareness about your Product/Services, reaching the potential audience, generating leads and finally increase in your sales. We are sure you must have heard more or little about it.

So Let’s begin with – What exactly is Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing is simply promoting your Brand by using Digital Media such as Website, Social Media or Search Engines

Today, Large population is active on Social Media or on Google, Finding their friends status update or photos or searching for some product or service they wish to buy or trying to learn something. In short, the majority of your desired audience is available to you – Online.

Moving further now we shall define the ways of doing Digital Marketing-

  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Search Engine

Let’s see more – How they work for you and your brand.

A Website/Blog– Your website is a virtual location of your business, which comes with great advantages and features, say you want to sell 10 different products and you need to market them. In case if you use your website effectively to showcase your products, customers would be able to see photos, features, price of your products on the website. also, website will help you to sell them too. If your Product/Service is unique but less known, you can use a blog to make them familiar. You can write amazing things about your product and promote them on social media so people would get aware of it. There are different formats of websites for different types of businesses. This is just a basic introductory part but it will surely help you in understanding the benefits of a Website in Digital Marketing.

Social Media- Social Medial includes various channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Google+, Quora and many more. The social channels are increasing rapidly, but the most important thing here is that which among them really suits your business needs? If you have an answer to this you can easily use one or more channels effectively. Social Media offers a variety of features to reach out to people and creates a brand value. We will go in details about these features in upcoming blogs. But for now, understanding the use of Social Media in your business is more important for you.

Assume you choose Facebook to promote your Product or Service. Then you need to understand, How Facebook will help you growing your Brand. You will need to do various things such as optimizing Facebook page, planning editorial calendars, crafting graphics and so on. These things will create an engagement which is eventually brand value that will absolutely help you in growing. This is all for Social Media, We will drive deeply in upcoming blogs.

Now come to the next equally important channel,
Search Engine- What is search Engine? Most of us will agree that Google is synonymous with Search Engine. That’s just partially correct, a Search Engine is a website where people search something and in return, that website provides thousands of web pages related to that search.
Now Let’s see how a Search Engine do marketing for you? As I described earlier, the website provides you thousands of web pages for any search, But we usually see that few of them appear on the first page, those first few page results means that those businesses have done search engine optimization for their websites.

Search Engine Optimisations commonly known as SEO is another channel of Digital Marketing. TO use SEO a winning factor for your marketing campaign. You must plan your SEO strategy and use it effectively. SEO is an ocean and this is just introduction to SEO. We will broaden the SEO concept in our upcoming blogs.

Another important thing in SEO is Local SEO which helps to promote local business. A business which only operates in a particular location, For Example, a departmental store which is located at the particular location and has an audience only limited to that city. The Local SEO helps local businesses to create their identity by following a few steps. So a user can easily find their physical location and reach up to them.

This is all about organic (Free) Digital Marketing we introduce you with Paid Digital Marketing in upcoming blogs. Paid Digital Marketing has various features like targeting, segmenting etc.

This was just an Introductory part and We assure you we will be posting more of such posts in near future. We hope this will be an exciting Tech Journey. In case if you have a query or you want to know more about it, comment below. All your suggestions and feedback are welcome, We will love to hear back from you.

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